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How to get a Russian girl to sleep with you

Mediocre seducers seduce women; advanced seducers make women seduce them. Now let’s talk about how to be an advanced seducer and get a Russian woman.


Let her talk about herself. Most people love talking about themselves because that’s their favourite topic in the entire world. Everyone’s favourite word is their own name. Therefore, you should show genuine interest in the Russian lady and ask questions about herself, so that the conversation can always keep going. Remember to mention her name repeatedly in many sentences you say so that she will be more engaged. For instance, you can ask her, “Natasha, what are your deepest desires?” Then she will probably keep talking for quite a while because the process of wanting something is even more enjoyable than actually getting it.

beauties from Russia


Share your personal stories with her. Once the Russian beauty has told you a lot about herself, you must also tell her stories about you because she expects reciprocity. When you tell her your stories, use emotive words so that she can remember what you’ve said clearly (women from Russia are very emotional). This works even better when you two are drinking alcohol because wine makes people less uptight and more relaxed. It’s easy to physically escalate on her when both of you are drinking happily.


Don’t ask for her phone number; just give her your number. A mediocre seducer asks women, “May I have your phone number?” An advanced seducer asks women, “May I give you my phone number?” If the conversation goes really well, the girl from Russia will feel offended if you don’t even want her phone number. And you give her another compliment by saying you’d like to give her your number, which means you want to make sure that the phone numbers are both correct on the spot. As the conversation goes pretty well, she won’t say no to that question. Hence, you can save your phone number on her phone and ask her to call you now. That’s how you get her phone number and guarantee it’s not a fake number. In order to make this process more interesting, you can even save your name on her phone as ‘Harry HotMaleDotCom’ – In this way, you will surely stand out from the crowd because there are probably 10 guys called Harry on her phone already. If she laughs at your last name, you can playfully say, “My email address is Yeah. That’s right.”

get a Russian woman


If you are really bold, you can even put a prop in your pants. During the conversation, you simply tell the lady from Russia that you need to go to the toilet. In the toilet, you put a prop in your pants (e.g. a small banana). Because the bar is usually relatively dark, she won’t notice this change when you walk back to your seat. But she will notice this change if you want her to see it – you can suggest that you two should dance together & now she will not only see it, but also feel it. Many beauties from Russia have high sex drive, so they probably want to f**k you more than you want to f**k them.

Russian girl to sleep


Hold her in your arms (her back is on your chest) while dancing together and then ask her to go home with you. If the Russian stunner hasn’t noticed your prop yet, you can simply hold her in your arms while dancing so that her ass can feel your prop. A horny woman will certainly want to go home with you now. As long as your home is well-prepared (more props, e.g. the right light, candle, music & bed), you will be able to get same-night lay. Enjoy!

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