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How to increase the sexual chemistry between you and your Russian wife

Getting married is exciting, but committing to each other year after year isn’t easy. How can you keep the passion alive after being married for so many years?


Learn something together. Learning something new together means you are growing together. Michael Johnson (AKA the mojo master) once said, “Anything that’s not growing is dying.” If you don’t want your love life to die, you must keep growing together with your Russian wife. And the easiest way to keep growing together is to learn something new with her. For instance, you can join a foreign language class or a painting class. Anything interests both you and your wife from Russia is fine. Meanwhile, when you go to a class together, you will meet some new friends. These people will become your shared friends. When you two have more mutual friends, your relationship will become stronger because the social circle reinforces your marriage.

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Go to a dance school together. If you are keen to learn something new, you may want to learn Salsa or Tango with your beauty from Russia because that’s the best way to re-ignite your passion. In fact, Salsa encourages men to lead women in the dynamics, which is an essential skill that every alpha guy must master if he wants to keep a hot wife. As to Tango, that’s basically making love with clothes on! You will surely feel the sexual tension between you and your lady from Russia. Incidentally, when you go to a dance school together, you can tell the instructor that you don’t want to change your dance partner because you only want to dance with your beauty from Russia all the time.

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Learn Tantric sex together. Go to a Tantric sex workshop in your local area. If you can’t find one in your local area, you can go to another city for such a workshop. For example, Jacqueline Hellyer runs Tantric workshops in Sydney, Australia regularly. If you’d like to take your Russian girl away for a vacation, visiting Sydney is probably a good idea. And you can join Jacqueline Hellyer’s workshop at the same time. That’s the very definition of killing two birds with one stone.

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Surprise your Russian beauty at times. Predictability leads to boredom. Sadly, most men are very predictable after 35 years of age because that’s when a person’s personality is shaped. But you don’t want to be one of those boring guys, do you? Therefore, you should be unpredictable and creative. You can still send flowers to your Russian stunner’s workplace to surprise her or remind her of how much you love her. You can give her a gift just because you want to, not because it’s her birthday or your wedding anniversary. You can write her a romantic card on Valentine’s Day instead of buying her some generic chocolate from the supermarket where mediocre men buy gifts for their wives. If you can’t come up with any new ideas, you can even ask dating coach Jade Seashell ( who will show you how to impress your Russian bride.

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