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Odessa women dating - Top marriage agency


Odessa women dating

Odessa women photos

Legitimate Odessa dating sites

Odessa marriage agencies

Odessa mail order brides

Places to meet women in Odessa

Men comments about Odessa women

Odessa women scam

Trip to Odessa Ukraine

odessagirl This city is called “Black Sea Pearl” for exciting views and wonderful nature. One more thing that makes Odessa that special is its original and inimitable spirit that everyone who comes here feels. By the way, those foreigners who speak fluent Russian also note very interesting and unusual local humor and dialect. Thus a visit to Odessa can become useful and pleasant not only in search of love but in self-education as well.

Charm of Odessa


Potemkin stairs is the most popular beginning of walking trails in Odessa. Local Russian women are aware of it and every evening they come there to meet foreign people. A lot of them do not even hide the fact that they are looking for a boyfriend so you will hardly need to behave like a superman in order to attract their attention. The same thing is with the Primorsky Boulevard. It is an incredibly nice place for having a relaxed and slow walk in the evening. By the way you can also begin your dating with a Russian woman here – this boulevard perfectly suits for the first date.




Finally, don’t forget about Deribasovskaya Street! It is a legendary street that everyone in Ukraine and Russia know due to amazing Soviet movies. Probably Deribasovskaya Street is the best place for plunging into the atmosphere of Odessa.


Public places

Privoz Market is the oldest trading place in Odessa and that is why it is full of tourists who in their turn attract a lot of single Russian ladies. Nowadays it’s actually not a typical market – Privoz looks more like a modern European or American mall with wide range or worldwide known brands and cafes There are also other malls that are good for meeting women (Europe, Athens Mall, 5th Element) and cool nightclubs for hanging out (Taboo, Factura, Western, Ibiza). Take your friends there and have a nice time! Or you may go alone – Ukrainian women are very friendly and always ready for new acquaintances.

Pictures of Odessa city you can see here Odessa, Ukraine


Meeting Odessa girls is something you would like to experience. They are already well-known in the world thanks to their gracious beauty, feminine outfits and family values. Of course there is always criticism about everything in the world, too. But let’s be honest, Odessa scammers aren’t any worse than Asian or Moldovan scammers. Greediness is a basic human quality. As to the scammers in Odessa, their actions are often naive and can be easily prevented.

Let’s presume you already had a few dates with a girl from Odessa or even spent months on your relationship.


What can she say to suddenly stop your communication?


If she was false from the beginning, she may find the most false reasons accordingly. Some typical ones are listed below. Her father is too strict and wouldn’t allow her to get married with a foreigner; one of her relatives is old and sick and no one else can take care of him; she understood she’s still in love with her ex; her parents lost their jobs and she is the only provider so she cannot leave at the moment. The last reason is also a trick aimed to test your willingness to support her and her parents, literally, to the end of days. Since any reasonable man wouldn’t accept that, it’s very convenient to make you guilty for this break-up.


Now let’s see what a mature and committed girl would do. She would tell you about any considerable complications from the beginning. Then you would decide together whether it can be solved or it’s better for the two of you to split. The right girl is always hard-working and compromising. Certain wisdom is also needed. She knows she has to make certain sacrifices once she decided to search for a foreign partner. The relationship on a distance is never easy but in this case, one’s determination should be even stronger. So many papers and actions are needed in order to visit you or relocate to you. She cannot assign all the responsibility to you, she has to share some of it.


A wise girl is doing her best to cover at least some of the expenses and to negotiate with her family in the most diplomatic way, to make them fully accept and respect her decision. She is preparing her colleagues at work to her departure in near future. She is cautious and tactful with her boss so he is paying out everything he owes to her, but cannot stop her from leaving. She is literally packing her suitcase in advance, taking all the clothes or a local medicine she may need in her trip. Finally, she behaves like a true woman, calming you down and convincing you that your common plan will work perfectly. Sounds too utopian and idealistic? No, that is reality and such women do exist. Ukraine is not an exception and Odessa is known for its resourceful and enterprising people. Local women do have traditional values and they can be extremely devoted once they made sure a man is decent enough. So don’t give up your position and try not to choose the wrong girl, that’s all!

real odessa wife


It always makes sense to appeal to her conscience. Play this card every time you talk. If the two of you just met and you are testing the ground, discipline her from the beginning till she gets tired or eventually shows her best side. Ask her about her parents, all the time. Ask about their priorities and dreams, about her childhood memories. Dig as deep as you can. Ask whether she’s helping her grandparents or dedicating her time to the little kids of her friends/relatives. Ask her how exactly she would like to participate in charity once you are together as a couple. Ask her about her patriotic feelings and her emotions connected with the war in Ukraine. Never let her be skin-deep about other things and people so she will not be able to treat you in a superficial way either. It’s a process. Maybe she didn’t get proper values from her parents but her potential can be good enough, even for becoming a wife. You may quickly understand whether she is heartless and hopeless or not.

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Odessa women dating

Is easy if you know their mentality at least a little bit. You might be surprised but women who are originally from Odessa as well as their ancestors, will not see only a cash-machine in you. Odessa people are very imaginative, resourceful, and ambitious, they are normally full of projects and they can financially survive without tricking others. Also Odessa women are extremely feminine and flirting, they adore men’s attention and literally crave it like the fresh air for breathing. That’s why they treasure a man and know how to communicate with him. Those ones who trick for money or neglect the man’s needs and good deeds, are usually not from Odessa at all. They are coming from villages and smaller cities and behave accordingly to their cultural level.

Odessa-girl-online Odessa-women-best Odessa-women-date


Odessa women photos

Are always like bright flowers on a grey background because there’s something in their mixed genetics: Ukrainian, Turkish, Greek, Israeli, Russian... there is something very special that makes them so beautiful and sexy!

beautiful-and-sexy find-your-girl-odessa Ukrainian-odessa-gils

Legitimate Odessa dating sites

Are hard to find. Everything is so commercialized and everyone is trying to get some profit from Odessa beauty. But there are some platforms indeed legit and trustworthy that we would like to recommend to you. is among them. Since Odessa is a part of Ukraine, and let’s say the best part, there are many profiles of real and beautiful girls from Odessa in this site’s database. It is quite effective and speedy so you might like it. is a similarly good site where one can frequently meet single beauties from Odessa. is another serious platform where girls’ profiles are thoroughly checked and verified so you won’t be trapped into the wrong communication. Some wonderful success stories happened thanks to it so we are glad to recommend it. and are other options you might have heard of, and girls from Odessa took a big place in their databases. All of the sites we listed, are also inexpensive which is an important advantage. We aren’t recommending very expensive sites as meeting Odessa girls isn’t such an impossible challenge! The best of them are, in fact, very intrigued by a perspective of meeting a foreigner and falling in love.

beauties-of-ukraine brideukraine ukrainianwomendating

Odessa marriage agencies

Are making the process less smooth. For sure, many of them are just purely commercial structures that care only about their profit. But others do not use any doubtful schemes and provide lots of useful services that help to get closer with the chosen girl in a safest way. You just need to read the reviews and use the elementary analysis. For example, such warning signs as the absence of accommodations booking or extremely expensive taxi service, should definitely make you think twice before you choose exactly this agency. But sometimes a man cannot even choose. He corresponds with a girl who is attached to a certain local agency, and when he comes to visit, she wants an interpreter only from there and a man is contacted only by this particular agency. How to avoid that? Communicate through membership-based sites like, and not through the PPL sites; make sure from the beginning that a girl speaks good English; and re-ask her, whether she is independent from any local agencies.

Odessa-marriage-agencies Odessa-marriage-agencies-free Odessa-marriage-agencies-online

Odessa mail order brides

Differ from other Ukrainian girls a lot. They can be compared to the girls from Kiev, a capital of Ukraine, but they have a higher class. Women from Kiev can wear elite clothes or be snobby because they work in luxurious offices, but Odessa girls know how to look fabulous even in cheaper dresses as their sense of style is flawless. They are more friendly, down-to-earth, vivid, animated, many-sided, and fun. In fact, they can be compared to Italian or even Brazilian girls as they got a temper and their life reminds a carnival: they never let it be boring! Moving abroad to live with a Western man isn’t scary or unrealistic for them as adventure and brightness are in Odessa women’s blood. Almost everyone in Odessa has lots of friends and relatives who moved to the USA, Israel, Canada, and other countries. It has historical, genetic, and psychological reasons. So it’s very real to find a future wife in Odessa.

mail-order-brides-Odessa Odessa-mail-order-brides Ukraine-mail-order-brides

Places to meet women in Odessa

Are many. A little hint: it can even be the beach or a big mall! Girls in Odessa mostly speak some English and you can use this situation to ask for their help. Ask them to show you the way or let’s say the right direction to the center. If a girl is very smiling and welcoming, you can try to continue your acquaintance! Such a non-formal meeting will be perceived much better than an officially arranged date, plus, a girl who you met occasionally won’t appear a professional dater who is going to fool you.

Of course, discos and bars are full of girls but there are golddiggers among them too, especially in a fancy Ibiza club in Arcadia. We wonder why no one is recommending less typical places for getting acquainted where mostly good girls gather. And we aren’t talking about the library!

First of all, there is a very nice Botanical garden in Odessa. Girls photographers, girls who are walking in groups of friends, and young single mommies often go there to enjoy the beauty of nature. Art museum is also a perfect place, girls students and artists often go there for some inspiration. You can ask any question about the paintings silently and politely, and it will be a good beginning of your communication with a pretty Odessa girl.

beach-women-meet cafe-meet-women Places-to-meet-women-in-Odessa

Can you actually imagine meeting a scammer in a Botanical garden or at the Art museum?! Right, scammers are only among those women who are in this industry for years. But girls who you meet on the streets and in public places, are just curious personalities who don’t mind to practice their English with you. There isn’t any strict law in Ukraine that would interpret your unexpected question and a light courtship as an abuse, but it’s better if you stay very polite and make sure in advance there’s no boyfriend or husband around!

Men comments about Odessa women

Prove that sad and heartbreaking experiences mostly happen when a girl is met through the local agency or on a disco. Girls met through the free/inexpensive dating sites or in public places, don’t mind dating a foreigner in real, if they are single and open-minded enough. Many success stories come exactly from such situations. Let’s see what others say:

I met Maria on the dance floor but I immediately saw that she isn’t a typical party girl. She was very modest and her clothes looked like she just came from work to relax a bit. Her face and makeup weren’t of a predator type. She was so sweet and a bit lost. Her friends left for a while to walk on a beach. I started to talk with her and she answered politely. We quickly felt a very good connection. We started to see each other every day and she never wanted gifts of the money for taxi, I even had to insist that she eats something in a restaurant because she was so stubborn ordering a juice only. She had a very good upbringing and manners. I prolonged my trip just to stay longer with her, and eventually met her parents. In my next visit, we were already engaged!” (Peter, 38, New York City)

happy-couple-odessa happy-couple-ukraine romantic-couple-holding

“I spent several years trying to meet a real Ukrainian girl who wouldn’t immediately betray me for money. Particularly in Odessa, I have been fooled 5 times. Luckily I started to follow the blog of one American who is happily married to a girl from Odessa. In his articles, he recommends to meet them simply in the City Garden or in small pizza houses. Those are just normal girls who live their everyday life without being involved to online scam and fraud. If they have no partner, they usually don’t mind to communicate and see where it leads, if you behave like a gentleman. This is how I met my Polina. She was sitting on a bench in the city center and reading an English book. Our first talk was very cool and exciting, like in a movie. We became friends and later lovers. I am going to marry her! I suggest that you are always brave enough to take a first step whatever you are, but stop relying on the agencies only. You can also try dating through the sites that aren’t connected with the agencies at all, girls are registered there individually. Good luck!” (Michael, 41, San Francisco)

Odessa women scam

Is easy to detect. The main rules are known to every modern online dater:

• There shouldn’t be only studio photos or only selfie photos in her profile, such photos are often stolen from girls’ social pages. Always ask to send some very unique photos like pictures of her home, family members, pictures of her with her pets, and so on. Some men even ask a girl to take a photo of her holding a piece of paper with certain words written on it but such a request may sound a bit rude.

• Sending a first standard introductory letter which isn’t personalized, is ok, but stay away if all of her letters are just a mix of impersonal sweet words and silly things. Avoid the copypaste stuff in your inbox.

• A girl shouldn’t be telling you about her life difficulties from the beginning. It’s suspicious. Even if it’s true, she should bring positive vibes first and establish a certain level of trust. A man shouldn’t be perceived by her as a cash machine.

• A girl should react positively on the idea of real-life meeting. If she starts to build schemes from the beginning, something like “I am frequently away for business trips” or “I have very old grandparents and I never know in advance when exactly I go to visit them”, it’s a trap. She can also seem completely normal and enthusiastic about the meeting but once the moment comes, she tries to explain her absence in the town. Oh it’s better for you if she does that in advance! Otherwise she would disappear when you are already in Odessa and spent a bunch of money on the airplane tickets and the hotel. That’s why it’s always better to arrange several meetings through several different sites: at least one girl will show up.

Trip to Odessa Ukraine

Can be unforgettable if to organize it well. Don’t be afraid to book an apartment online, it’s usually cheaper and cosier than the hotel, just do that through the official sources such as TripAdvisor. You can book through the local dating agencies as well, it’s the only things that they do well. But in this case, the price might be a bit higher as they take their percent. It’s always better to book an apartment in case you have a reliable Odessa girl beside you. For sure, we mean someone who you already met in the past and going to meet for the second time. Hopefully she doesn’t mind to join you for home dinners or even stay with you. In case you know none of your penpals, go for the hotel option and don’t try to save too much on cheap rooms. You don’t want to spoil your vacation with a weak lock and suspicious strangers intruding into your room.

Our main advice is combining a healthy optimism with good analytical skills. Learn to trust every time you communicate with someone new, but keep on checking them and their intentions. This way, you will easily find happiness with Odessa girl!

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