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Why karma is true if you want to use your Russian wife

Some men think they are clever – they are competent players who know how to manipulate women, use women and take advantage of women’s weaknesses. Well, the reality is karma is true. Here is the rationale:


If you marry a Russian wife because she allowed you to take advantage of her, do not assume that you are doing yourself a favor. Here is some guys’ method when it comes to choosing a wife: They use women first. If a woman doesn’t allow a man to use her, the guy leaves her. In contrast, if a woman gives a man permission to take advantage of her, the guy wants to marry her because he feels that he can get long-term benefits from this woman. But this is the world’s most stupid guy! Here is why – There are only two possibilities in the end: 1) Later on, his wife will realize what he has done to her and will take 10 times back from him; 2) his wife allowed him to use her at the beginning for some valid reasons (e.g. her own insecurity, her neediness, her low self-esteem, her lack of options, etc.), but life is a long journey and one day this woman’s circumstances will change, so when that happens, she will take 10 times back from this guy and dump him.

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If you use your Russian bride for sex and don’t respect her, do not blame her for using you for money and a permanent visa in a western country. While men are calling women out for being gold-diggers and marrying up, women rarely call men out for how shallow they are – many men are attracted to sexy, young girls only. Some older men tend to look for a trophy wife from Russia, but they don’t respect Russian women in general. That’s actually very dangerous because this Russian beauty will know her husband’s motive sooner or later. As a consequence, she will begin to plan how to hustle this guy and then leave him! When a man got played, he keeps it to himself and shuts up because he doesn’t want others to know his pathetic experience. Hence, this Russian woman can keep hustling other men and do the same again and again in the future! Her reputation is still intact.

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If you really fear karma, you only have two options: You either leave her as soon as possible or you give her a good time in the bedroom. Once you’ve successfully hustled a Russian lady, you must leave her immediately before karma finds you. Alternatively, the solution is you should make her happy in bed, so she has a big reason to be with you in a good way. Remember: the real pathway to a woman’s heart is through her vagina. Thus, if you are a sex god, it’s going to be very difficult for her to punish you or dump you. Of course, you also have anther choice: Don’t use Russian girls; respect them; love them – and you’ll be rewarded by them!


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