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Russian Women
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A conversation with a Russian girl

sexygirlsfreerus It doesn’t matter where you meet a girl – in the Internet, in the street or in a museum. Anyway, you will have to talk to her and it will be the first step in your communication.

Foreign men often ask whether there are any specific things about conversations with Russian girls and here we would like to cover this very relevant topic. Here is the list of the things that you will likely discuss with a Russian woman you have just met:

• The country of your origin

• Your attitude to Russia

• The reasons of your visit to Russia

Everything is as clear as daylight. Tell where you come from and say that you adore Russia and came here just to see what the Russians are and how they live. You may lie, it’s absolutely OK, these first questions are just the very beginning, that formal stuff that should always be passed.

First date


First date is a very meaningful event for any Russian lady and you should be ready for it. Russian women expect men to be generous and to pay for a dinner, so don’t disappoint them!

Romantic conversation is absolutely inalienable part of such a date. A Russian girl would carefully ask you about your attitude to family values, children and marriage and so on. Be honest, because sooner or later your lies will be exposed. More than that, if you are looking for a wife from Russia you are probably interested in creating healthy and nice family with kids so you will not have to lie at all.

Russians want to be sure that their partner is a mature person who is not going to escape from responsibility. You will hardly find a Russian bride if you tell everyone that your main interest is sex and you actually don’t feel like having your own family.


Second and other dates


As the girl of your dream starts trusting you all the other sides of her personality will appear in front of you. Foreigners are often surprised when they find out that Russian women are so smart and well-rounded. Many of them read good books, know history and have much less blind spots than their Western counterparts. Being a majority, Russian women have become used to working hard and to dealing with incredibly wide range of troubles and problems. A lot of them can do some home and even car repair but they will happily live it to you if they have such and opportunity.


Russians do not stand hypocrisy and mendacity in anything but they love and appreciate sincere and decent people.

If you have come or are going to visit Russia and have no idea where you can pick up a nice girl we recommend you to read this article Pick up a Russian – it will show you the way.

And the last recommendation is not to consider Russians as an easy picking. And for God’s sake, please, never say anything like that to a Russian girl! Never!


Be relaxed and confident

Russian women are used to ask much less than the Western women do. There are more women than men in Russia and the softer sex cannot let itself be too picky while guys can break the rules and treat their significant others in not a pleasant way.

Show that you are different, treat her seriously and she will be the most faithful wife and the most careful mother in the world.



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