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Best Russian dating guide

Russian dating: Are you hooking up or hooking down?
Gorgeous Russian Lady

In modern-day society, this is a common pathway: 1) You hook up with someone. 2) If sex is good, you keep dating that person – when you two appear in public together, that’s dating. 3) If you are compatible in other ways and have built an emotional connection, you become exclusive – you are in a relationship. 4) If you share mutual benefits and have a shared vision, you get married. When it comes to dating Russian women, similar principles apply as well. Let’s talk about Step 1: hooking up today.

How to get a Russian girl to sleep with you
Gorgeous Russian Lady

Mediocre seducers seduce women; advanced seducers make women seduce them. Now let’s talk about how to be an advanced seducer and get a Russian woman. Let her talk about herself. Most people love talking about themselves because that’s their favourite topic in the entire world. Everyone’s favourite word is their own name.

How to start a relationship with a Russian beauty after you’ve slept with her
Gorgeous Russian Lady

If you’ve already hooked up with a woman from Russia, don’t assume that you two are in a relationship now because many Russian women aren’t that traditional – some of them are also into the hook-up culture and want to play the field.

How to make out with a Russian girl
russian wife free way

Making out with a Russian lady is a skill that can be learned. It’s not about what you see in Hollywood movies in which women make the first move in many cases. In fact, it’s usually the opposite unless the Russian woman you are dating is truly desperate.

How to increase the sexual chemistry between you and your Russian wife
wife from russian want to date

Getting married is exciting, but committing to each other year after year isn’t easy. How can you keep the passion alive after being married for so many years? Learn something together. Learning something new together means you are growing together.

Top 5 CD albums to buy for your wedding with a Russian bride
find free russian wife

So, you’ve got a Russian girl and she is going to marry you. Congratulations! One of the most important part of the wedding is the background music! You may want to play some romantic music during the reception, right? Now I’ve already figured it out for you.

Married to Russian wives: The real reasons why some couples don’t have kids
find free russian wife

Being married to a Russian wife is definitely a bliss – she looks after you; she admires you; she genuinely loves you. Because the birth rate in western countries is getting lower these days, some western men who are married to Russian wives don’t have kids – why is that?

Marrying a Russian bride: How to have a healthy relationship on your terms
find free russian wife

When you start a relationship with a Russian girlfriend, you are entering the most important stage of this relationship: the start. How you begin the relationship dictates how this relationship will go because you build the fundamental dynamics first.

The danger of not asking a Russian girl out
find free russian wife

Yes, there is a risk when you ask a Russian woman out – she may reject you and you’ll feel hurt. But the biggest risk of all is not taking a risk – when you don’t ask a Russian lady out, you have zero chance of getting into her pants, let alone marrying her.


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