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Russian Women
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Russian dating articles - Find real women

How to talk to your future Russian wife
rus wife real

On your first date with a Russian lady, ask her, “How was your day?” Now you really need to pay attention to her answer because what she says will reveal a lot about who she really is. If she begins to complain about her boss or her job, you know she is probably a negative person. But if she tells you she’s had a good day, chances are she is a positive girl.

How to get your Russian wife respect you?
russian online women

It is said that sex therapists are the most insightful people in the world because they have seen the darkest side and the most realistic side of human nature. We all know that Russian women are very good in bed, but do you know how to get your Russian wife to love you in the bedroom in the way you prefer? Here’s how!

How to know whether this Russian woman is ‘the one’
wife on russia

Michael Bolton’s famous song “Said I Loved You… But I Lied” has some very impressive lyrics: “Out of my dreams and into my life; you are the one, you are the one.” Women find that hot because Michael Bolton is already famous.

Are you dating a Russian lady or a slut
wife on russia

Looking for a wife is different from fucking whores. A marriage has three key components: sex, emotional connection and mutual benefits. If a relationship only has sex, that’s just a sexual relationship. If a relationship only has emotional connection, that’s probably a friendship.

Dating Russian women: What are the red flags?
wife of russia

Men fall in love much faster than women, so men are actually more likely to make big mistakes, compared with women. In this article, you will learn what red flags you need to pay attention to while dating Russian ladies. Remember: these are very common red flags amongst Russian beauties.

Why karma is true if you want to use your Russian wife
wife free russia

Some men think they are clever – they are competent players who know how to manipulate women, use women and take advantage of women’s weaknesses. Well, the reality is karma is true. Here is the rationale:

Meeting Russian Women: How to get the best results at a speed dating event
Meet fast women

Speed dating events are the most interesting, efficient and effective dating activity that you can do if you’d like to meet Russian women. Better still, it’s absolutely fun! Now you can Google speed dating events for Russian singles in your local area and see what you can find.

How to use “stealing and building” to become a sexy man in Russian ladies’ eyes
Women in dating

We all begin with imitation. A baby imitates his/her parents before he/she can talk. A child imitates his/her teacher before he/she can read and write. No one was born and already knew everything. So, it’s perfectly okay to imitate others if you want to be successful in dating Russian women.

How to make Russian women chase you
Fast women dating

Making Russian girls chase you is the ultimate game changer – instead of gaming hot girls, now you get hot women game you because they want you. But how can you do that? Up your social media game. Businesses see social media as a sales/promotional channel, whereas consumers waste their time and energy on social media without knowing that the entire purpose of social media is to sell their attention

Useful resources about dating Russian girls
Fast women dating

Russian women are admired by men all over the world due to their beauty, charisma and elegance. More importantly, Russian girls are best characterised by their honest personality which is not the most common quality in the western dating culture where people play games with each other.

How to deal with a breakup with a Russian girlfriend
free legal russian

Both men and women find it difficult to deal with a breakup if we are honest. Some men may want to pretend to be all right because they have been taught to be tough no matter what happens.

What you need to study if you want to get a Russian wife
online fast women

Getting a Russian wife isn’t hard, as long as you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. In this article, you will learn the essential techniques that you have to learn if your goal is to find a Russian bride.


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