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Dating Russian women: What are the red flags?

Men fall in love much faster than women, so men are actually more likely to make big mistakes, compared with women. In this article, you will learn what red flags you need to pay attention to while dating Russian ladies. Remember: these are very common red flags amongst Russian beauties.


She chooses you because of her fear. If a Russian woman marries you for the wrong reasons, the marriage will end badly. When a woman dates you because of love, that’s a right reason. However, when a Russian lady dates you simply because she wants to leave Russia, then she doesn’t have to be with you. She can be with anyone who is able to take her to a western country. Therefore, the fact that you are a US/UK/Australian/Canadian citizen shouldn’t be the No. 1 reason why she wants to marry you. Marrying someone for a green card/visa is based on fear of her own circumstances; therefore, once her circumstances have changed, she won’t have a reason to be with you anymore. So, you should talk to her and ask her opinions about Russia and her outlook about living in a western country. If she is always complaining about Russia, you know that’s a red flag.

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She is shallow. Many Russian girls are very well-educated and intelligent. If your Russian girlfriend only has a beautiful face and a sexy body with no brains, that’s a huge red flag, because that means she is a shallow woman. Most shallow women aren’t wife material, so you need to be aware of that. During your conversations with her, remember to ask her what books she has read and what her hobbies are. You need to know whether she is interested in learning or not. If she only knows a lot about jewelry, fashion and makeup, she is probably very shallow.

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She is a selfish bitch. Some women stupidly think that they will get benefits from men after getting married. That’s just a very silly belief. If both a guy and a girl just want to get something from the marriage, this marriage will be empty because there is no real contribution. Consequently, you need to spend more time with your Russian beauty and see how she interacts with others in general. If she behaves in a selfish way when she is interacting with her family and friends, you know she is a selfish bitch and you must leave her now. Marriage is not for everyone, especially not for a selfish, naïve girl. Don’t forget that marriage is about giving something, not getting it. When you and your Russian fiancé are having dinner with a few friends, does she look after those friends or does she only take care of herself? If she is only self-involved at the dinner table, that shows you a big red flag.

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She is just a mess. Some women from Russia are drama queens. Yes, there are women who absolutely love drama (even some men love drama, too!) As a result, you have to be rational and keep your eyes wide open before marrying a Russian wife. Can she get her shit together? Does she have a tendency to dramatize things? Your answers to these questions might reveal another red flag.

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