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First date taboos

2girlsex We have recently learned some useful things about choosing a place for a date and now we can proceed to the next step and to answer the question about first date taboos.

Acceptable and non-acceptable topics

There always are suitable and unsuitable things to ask and to discuss. Russian etiquette is very close to old-fashioned European one. For example, you are recommended to avoid asking Russian women about such things like:




1. Age

2. Work

3. Whether she has children

4. Whether she was married and how many times

American and European women may not like such questions either although if you ask them it is not going to turn into a tragedy while Russian ladies often insult. Finally, the beginning of communication is the most important – just like foundation is the most important part of the building. If the foundation was made improperly and is now weak and unstable the whole house is going to fall apart sooner or later. So you should pay enough attention to the beginning of possible romance.

Speaking about acceptable topics we can advise you to ask a girl more about her interests and friends. A bit later you may try to know something about her family. If there are no problems connected to parents and siblings she will tell everything and even more herself and with pleasure.

Some other tips

First date is a great time to get some useful information that will help you decide if you want to meet the person once again. Well, dating a Russian is kind of exotic and exciting but women are always women so some things should be figured out “on the shore”.

After first formalities you should work on establishing closer contact – try to smoothly shut the conversation to the topics you would like to cover. For example, you may begin with an unobtrusive question about family values – what she likes and what does not. One more trick is to tell her some story (though out by you, of course) when a girl is unfaithful to a guy (let’s say, a friend of yours) and judge her. Your new acquaintance will probably react somehow, she will hardly stay indifferent to such a story.

Don’t be afraid of manipulative strategies since they can make the life easier for you both – it is always better to understand that you cannot be together in the beginning than in several months or even years. Time is the most valuable resource and it is a crime to waste it on wrong people.

Attitude to marriage


hotsexgirl You are lucky – marriage with a Russian girl is just matter of time. Traditional values of Russians make their women marry quite early, sometimes even in 18, 19 and early 20-s. It has been slowly changing under the influence of the West but still the majority of girls (especially in central and eastern regions) dream about wedding, marriage and children.
A year is a good time for dating before getting married in Russia. So now you more or less know when to propose your lady, don’t you? Don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid, in this part of the world people still legalize their relationships and lead happy family life.


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