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How to deal with a breakup with a Russian girlfriend

Both men and women find it difficult to deal with a breakup if we are honest. Some men may want to pretend to be all right because they have been taught to be tough no matter what happens. But in fact, that’s not very healthy because expressing your emotions and concerns is important when you are experiencing something stressful. Actually, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. So, if you break up with your Russian girl, what should you do to help yourself to recover?

breakup with a Russian girlfriend


See a psychologist if you feel depressed. If you feel sad and depressed, the last thing you should do is to commit suicide. Many people prefer seeing a GP and get some medication after breaking up with their spouses, but that shouldn’t be your first option. As a matter of fact, seeing a psychologist is a good way to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. A psychologist cannot prescribe medication because they can only talk to you. By contrast, a psychiatrist can prescribe drugs – but that’s for patients who are really struggling. Statistics show that when Russian women break up with their boyfriends, they are very likely to see psychologists for help because Russian ladies know the importance of mental health. Likewise, you also need to know how to look after yourself.

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Read literature, enjoy art and consider spiritual learning. A psychologist once said, “Psychology can only treat symptoms. What can treat the root cause is things that don’t look valuable according to today’s values and standards – literature, art and religions – these things can cure the root cause of psychological problems.” Indeed, have you noticed that when you see a good movie, you are actually practicing mindfulness in its best form? – You concentrate on what you see; you pay attention to what you hear; you notice how you feel – all of these are important elements in meditation! Similarly, when you are reading a good novel, the escapism creates positive chemicals inside your body, thereby helping you recover from the pain caused by the breakup with your Russian woman. Another way to deal with the root cause of mental illness is becoming spiritual. Of course, if you are religious, you are already spiritual. But if you aren’t religious, that’s okay. You can still read a book called Outrageous Openness (written by Tosha Silver) – this book isn’t about a particular religion; it’s about being spiritual and the power of surrender. Also, you may study astrology which can give you some relief in an interesting way. It is said that Russian beauties are generally interested in astrology, so when you know horoscope very well, it’s much easier for you to get your next Russian girlfriend as you’ll have more stimulating topics to discuss with her.

Russian beauties are generally


Listen to self-help podcasts or YouTube videos when you are commuting or before you go to sleep at night. Nowadays the Internet offers you endless resources for free. The best way to learn something online is to listen to podcasts or YouTube videos when you are driving or commuting because this saves you a lot of time. Also, you can listen to a YouTube video or a podcast before going to sleep because now your Russian beauty isn’t in bed with you anymore and you need something that can help you deal with the loneliness at night. Listening to personal development videos or podcasts is the ideal way to help you grow out of the breakup and become a better person in general. Some great podcasts are Lewis Howes’s School of Greatness, Shawn Stevenson’s The Model Health Show and Kate Northrup’s The Kate & Mike Show. Some helpful YouTube channels are 21 Studios, Julienhimself and Impact Theory (by Tom Bilyeu). If you’d like to channel your anxious energy into productive energy, then you can check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel. All of these will make you a better man and get a better Russian bride.

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Do something that makes you happy. What did you enjoy doing when you were a child? What can you keep talking about all day? What makes you really happy? Answer these questions and do something that makes you happy every day. It can be going to the gym, gardening, listening to the music, watching TV, going for a walk, having a bath, travelling to another country, etc. You have to be happy first, and then you will attract a happy, pretty and sexy Russian lady to your life.


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