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How to know whether this Russian woman is ‘the one’

Michael Bolton’s famous song “Said I Loved You… But I Lied” has some very impressive lyrics: “Out of my dreams and into my life; you are the one, you are the one.” Women find that hot because Michael Bolton is already famous. Otherwise, if an average guy writes a song for a girl, probably she won’t find that attractive because it only indicates his lack of options. A woman secretly wants a man who has options but he chooses to be with her.

If you decide to date Russian girls, now you will learn how to tell if she is ‘the one’.



Ask yourself, “Do I like her body?” According to a recent study, experts find out that nowadays men tend to marry women who can help them in realistic ways, e.g. career, business, money, etc. It seems that men have become more materialistic than women in today’s day and age. In the short term, this kind of down-to-earth approach seems to be good. But in the long term, this method of choosing women is unhealthy because what you want today will be different from what you want five years later. Therefore, when you assess a Russian beauty, you have to be 100% sure that the sexual chemistry is right. If you think she is only acceptable (not your ideal type), then you marry her for her money, resources, background, connections, and so on – you will regret later in the future because Russian ladies are smart cookies (they will know what you are doing and they will leave you). Even if you’ve got what you want from her, she can still get 10 times back from you, as long as you are still in the relationship with her. (That’s why every gold-digger has an exit strategy early on: once they’ve got what they want, they will leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, there will be consequences that they don’t want to have.)



Ask yourself, “Do we have the same values?” A couple must have the same values (or at least compatible values) if they want to maintain their marriage in the long run. If you notice that your Russian bride’s value system is totally different from yours, don’t ignore that simply because she is hot! That’s very dangerous because this conflict alone can ruin your happiness in life. Don’t underestimate the loneliness that you will feel in such an empty marriage. And never underestimate the power of divorce. It is reported that divorced men have the shortest longevity in the United States. You don’t want to be in that category, do you?

Next time when you catch up with your Russian fiancé, you can do a values test together and see if your values are at least compatible.



Ask yourself, “Do we have a shared vision?” This question probably sounds corny, but in fact it only means “Do we have mutual benefits?” Remember: mutual benefits don’t necessarily have to be the money you share. It can also be something that both of you want to achieve together. It can even be a business that you want to build together. If you marry a Russian wife and have kids with her, your children are your mutual benefits. A marriage without mutual benefits is always unstable. We all know that people in India have a very low divorce rate (only 4%), partly because arranged marriages work better, and partly because Indians want to have children.

In contrast, love marriages in western countries have 50% divorce rate and many couples don’t want to have kids – which makes their marriages less sustainable.



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