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How to make Russian women chase you

Making Russian girls chase you is the ultimate game changer – instead of gaming hot girls, now you get hot women game you because they want you. But how can you do that?


Up your social media game. Businesses see social media as a sales/promotional channel, whereas consumers waste their time and energy on social media without knowing that the entire purpose of social media is to sell their attention – the more time people spend on social media, the more advertising dollars social media platforms make from businesses. Once you’ve understood this theory, now you can apply this principle in dating Russian ladies: Instead of being a consumer of social media, you should become the creator on social media, i.e. you carefully design what you post on social media and when to post as well. There are books about how to get eyeballs on Instagram, so you would be well-advised to borrow a book like that from the library. Make sure all photos of yours on Instagram are clear, modern and chic. Also, posting cool photos at 8:30pm on Sunday night is the best because that’s when most women are relaxing at home and looking at their social media on the couch. By the way, younger Russian beauties are more active on Instagram, whereas mature Russian stunners prefer Facebook. When you notice some girls from Russia are religiously liking your photos on Instagram or Facebook, you can move on the next step.

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Post your party photos on social media. A high-value guy is a sought-after guy – people invite him to parties and events where he is surrounded by attractive women. Therefore, you need to post some of your party photos on social media because these photos get Russian ladies’ attention quickly – all women want to go to fabulous parties where women can dress up and look glamourous. Also, don’t forget to post photos of you and other sexy women so that your target audience (women from Russia on social media) will become jealous! Once a lady from Russia notices a photo of you and other beautiful women, she will pay more attention to your social media page because of pre-selection, i.e. you are already selected by other women, which means you must have some great qualities that women desire. In other words, when you are already with gorgeous women, your value increases in Russian girls’ eyes.

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Write comments on Pinterest. In Michaela Chung’s book The Irresistible Introvert, the author writes, “An introverted client of mine met his current girlfriend on Pinterest. They had been commenting on the same post, and eventually decided to take their conversation to a more private domain (pun intended).” What a wonderful idea! In actuality, there are many more women than men on Pinterest, which is exactly where you need to be! Search posts that beauties from Russia would be interested in and write comments under those posts. The more comments you write, the better. That’s because you are increasing your chance to meet a hot woman from Russia. In this way, you don’t have any approach anxiety at all because you are typing behind a computer screen.

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