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How to make out with a Russian girl

Making out with a Russian lady is a skill that can be learned. It’s not about what you see in Hollywood movies in which women make the first move in many cases. In fact, it’s usually the opposite unless the Russian woman you are dating is truly desperate.


Make out with her in public. If your Russian girlfriend is very hot, you may want to show off her by making out with her in public. Some good places to do so are parks, gardens, movie theatres, nightclubs and coffee shops. She will also appreciate the make-out session in public if she wants to show off such a good catch like you. A more romantic place is the train – you can travel with your Russian beauty on a train and spend a few hours making out while other passengers are looking at you with envy.

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Buy her a lipstick from 100%Pure so that you won’t eat anything toxic on her lips. Women consume kilos of lipsticks in a lifetime, but you don’t want to be poisoned by that while kissing your Russian stunner so frequently. Therefore, a simple solution is to buy lipsticks from a natural brand called 100%Pure – their products are made from food, so even kids can use their cosmetics. In this way, you can make out and kiss wherever you want on her face (if every product used on her face is from 100%Pure).



When you make out with her, vocalize how you feel. Most men are dumb (sorry for being so blunt) when it comes to making out with girls because most men are too shy to vocalize how they feel. But the fact that you are reading this article now means you are probably not one of them – you want to learn something so that you can improve yourself. Yes, constant and non-stop improvement is the real key to success in any area of your life. As you are making out with the stunner from Russia, you can gently say things along the lines of, “Honey, you are so sweet…Your lips taste extremely sweet….and soft…” She will certainly be turned on by what she hears!


When she starts to moan, you can also start to moan. Always be well-calibrated. Observe her reaction and adjust what you do accordingly. When she begins to moan, you know she has felt some pleasure. Perhaps she starts to moan when you kiss her neck? Then you must kiss her neck repeatedly because clearly, she loves it! If she moans louder when you kiss her lips while touching her tits, then you must do it again and again! Yes, her female music is encouraging you to do what’s right more often. Actually, Russian women always teach you how to treat them, as long as you are happy to read the feedback. If she only starts to moan a little bit and isn’t very loud, you may encourage her by slightly moaning at the same time – when she hears that you are also moaning, she will know it’s okay to moan louder, so she will definitely do it – she knows she won’t be judged!

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Make out with her while dancing together. When music is added to the mix, your love life becomes more exciting. If you are making out with a woman from Russiain a nightclub, you can easily dance with her together. Don’t forget to touch her ass and her breasts while you are on the dance floor with her. She will secretly enjoy it because at that moment, other people are probably looking at you two. It’s the thrill that turns her on. Next time when you are making out with her at home, you can put on some music such as Por una Cabeza and enjoy a tango dance together. As you are dancing, yourbeauty from Russia is supposed to enter the area between your legs according to the dance steps of tango, so now you can encourage her to touch your cock at that moment. By the way, always make sure you are making out near the window at home so that the thrill can make the make-out session more stimulating and exciting.


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