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Russian Women
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How to pick up a Russian girl


There are many ways one can get acquainted with an attractive woman but we should always take into consideration some cultural issues otherwise we get huge risk from being slapped to being arrested. So what about picking up a Russian woman?


General tips

Let’s firstly figure out the qualities that all women appreciate in men: - Sense of humor - Generosity - Confidence (don’t mix with self-assertiveness) - Intelligence (don’t worry, you do not have to be a genius – just don’t be stupid!) - Attentive behavior and thoughtfulness (you can’t even imagine how girls appreciate compliments!) - Optimism (keep your chin up no matter what is happening to you – pessimism will definitely not make it better).

As we may see it is an absolutely standard set of character traits that any woman would like to have in her man. But there is still something special about Russian girls.


Peculiarity of Russians

You have probably heard that Russian girls adore strength and leadership in men? That’s true and if you are used to share responsibility for decisions with your partner you are better to change your mind. A Russian girl will always rely on you and trust you so you will be the only one to make important decisions. At the same time you get her respect and love.

But don’t cross the line – don’t try to suppress her and make her obey if she does not like something. The worst thing would be to hit her, such things can be never forgotten. By the way, home violence is one of the most often reasons for Russian women to leave their men. In other words you should be strong but not oppressive.


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Talking in the street

Russia is a great place for meeting Russian girl – here you can easily talk to a girl right in the street or in any other public place with no risk of sexual harassment. Just keep your hands to yourself and try to attract her with interesting conversation. It is a great beginning for your Russian dating since Russian girls like flirting and meeting new guys everywhere – in malls, in cinemas, in the street etc. Nobody will find you weird like it could be in Western countries.

Basic phrases like “Hello, my name is…” are OK. Russians like foreigners and your origin is always your advantage especially if you try to speak Russian (even very rusty Russian). And don’t get despaired if something goes wrong – there are so many women and you are alone. Let the others meet you as well.


Marry a Russian

You can feel absolutely comfortable surrounded by Russian ladies. They appreciate your sincerity more than original pick-up phrases. You may sound even banal and habitual but if you are in the right mood and you are honest with a girl there is a good chance that she goes with you or at least gives her phone number.

The same rules work in the Internet. If you want to marry a Russian girl you should get acquainted to her somehow and our website is a great place for it. The girls who have profiles here are also waiting for new people to meet so don’t hesitate and find the woman of your dream right now!

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