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How to start a relationship with a Russian beauty after you’ve slept with her

If you’ve already hooked up with a woman from Russia, don’t assume that you two are in a relationship now because many Russian women aren’t that traditional – some of them are also into the hook-up culture and want to play the field. When you notice that a Russian girl that you’ve hooked up with is actually a high-value woman (she looks like a model, is well-educated & has a job that pays her extremely well), you may want to keep her; therefore, it’s time to learn how to start a relationship with such a gorgeous woman.


The exclusivity talk. Yes, you’ve had sex with her, so it’s actually the perfect timing – now it’s easy for you to talk about being exclusive with her. You can say, “Look, I’m not that type of guy who sleeps with different people at the same time.” Now you can listen to her reaction. If she says she only wants to have casual relationships, then she isn’t the right Russian wife you want anyway. But if she says she also doesn’t sleep with other people (since she has slept with you now), then you know she is someone you want to keep.

relationship with a Russian beauty


Don’t say “now we are in a relationship”. Once you’ve confirmed that you two are exclusive now, it doesn’t mean you should tell her you are in a relationship with her. You need to remember that she is on her best behaviour at the beginning of a relationship. That means you have to let her reveal her true personality and habits after a while. Yes, at the beginning of a new relationship, a woman may pretend to be someone she is not, so you really must give yourself and her more time to know each other well. Also, if you say “now we are in a relationship”, you give all your power away – she will assume that you are a needy guy who desperately wants a relationship because you can’t have sex often. Never give a Russian stunner such an impression! You should show her that you are a high-value and sought-after guy that every woman wants!


Move in with her early. Although you shouldn’t tell her that you two are officially in a relationship too quickly because there is a trial period, you actually must move her in quickly. Here is why – you need to know whether you and her are really compatible in real life as soon as possible. If you can’t even stand each other after living together for a week, ending the relationship is easy because you haven’t invested in each other too much yet. In contrast, if both of you absolutely love it when you live together for quite a while, then you know you’ve found your Russian bride. That’s why moving in with her early is so key!

your Russian bride


Can you meet each other’s sexual needs? This is a very important question, but sadly, most people don’t want to talk about it because sex is a taboo topic in our society. Research shows that the two biggest reasons for divorce are money and sex. We’ll talk about money later, so let’s talk about sex today. If she can’t make your sexual fantasy come true, chances are you will want to cheat on her in the future because you only have one life & you should make the most of your life – you have the right to experience what you want in bed. Similarly, if she doesn’t like your penetration inside her body, she can fake orgasm for a couple of times. But perhaps she can’t fake that for a lifetime.



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