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How to talk to your future Russian wife

Most Russian women are very good at flirting. The most important element in flirting is your conversational skills. Are you ready to polish your craft?


On your first date with a Russian lady, ask her, “How was your day?” Now you really need to pay attention to her answer because what she says will reveal a lot about who she really is. If she begins to complain about her boss or her job, you know she is probably a negative person. But if she tells you she’s had a good day, chances are she is a positive girl. Therefore, this question is an effective test on the first date.



In the middle of a conversation, you pause and say, “So, I’m curious….” And you pause again. This is the most powerful sentence in the interaction because now you deliberately introduce pauses which are oftentimes perceived as some kind of awkward silence – most people can’t handle silence well. However, as a matter of fact, silence is the best tool to build attraction because sexual tension can be built quickly when both of you are silent – now you can actually focus on the chemistry between you two without any distraction. When you pause, the Russian beauty has to pay more attention to you and listen to what you’ll say now. Then you can ask her, “If you can wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you wake up?” This question will reveal what she really wants in life. For instance, if she says “I want to wake up in my grandmother’s farm”, then you know she probably had a good childhood which gave her a nice foundation for her growth and future. If she says, “I want to wake up in New York City and go to the Fifth Avenue”, now you know she is probably quite materialistic because it seems that she is a Holly Golightly-wanna-be.



Ask her questions at emotional level and avoid small talk. Small talk is meaningless, and quite frankly, it’s annoying. Small talk doesn’t tell you much about the Russian stunner you are dating. Sadly, many men don’t have good dating skills, so they simply do small talk during the entire first two dates. Small wonder women from Russian find them very boring and unattractive. Therefore, you should ask your Russian girlfriend questions at emotional level. For example, you can ask, “You look so elegant, are you a dancer?” instead of asking “What do you do?” (Another example is you ask her, “Why do you want to be an artist?” instead of “Do you like your job?”) Questions at emotional level can always help you understand your Russian girl better.



Do some research and talk about some feminine topics with your Russian date. Most men like women with makeup; men just don’t understand makeup. So instead of saying something embarrassing like, “There’s something under your eyes”, you can say, “The white eyeliner under your eyes looks so charming – you are smiling with starlight”. Now you are talking the language that a hot woman can relate to because this is female language.

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