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How to use “stealing and building” to become a sexy man in Russian ladies’ eyes

We all begin with imitation. A baby imitates his/her parents before he/she can talk. A child imitates his/her teacher before he/she can read and write. No one was born and already knew everything. So, it’s perfectly okay to imitate others if you want to be successful in dating Russian women. In this article, you will learn a new concept called “stealing and building”, meaning if you admire someone, you should steal their stuff and build your own based on their stuff.


Read some fashion magazines for men and find the inspiration. If you don’t know any fashion magazines for men, then a good magazine to start with is Cosmopolitan which is a sex magazine for women. Do you know that Cosmopolitan is doing better than Playboy in terms of global sales? Actually, women are just as visual as men, if not more visual than men. Therefore, you can find many hot men’s photos in Cosmopolitan. Choose a few hotties’ pictures and copy their styles! Russian ladies love stylish men.

become a sexy man in Russian ladies


Go to visit some upscale clothing shops and notice the trend. If you don’t have a big budget, it’s not a problem. You can still visit places such as Armani and Hugo Boss just to look at the current trend. Then you can go to cheaper shops such as H&M where you can find clothes that look equally good, but the prices are significantly lower.

find you sex man


You are the sum of your influences. If you think Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves and Justin Timberlake are all very handsome and attractive, now you should notice what they wear and what their hair looks like. You don’t have to copy from one celebrity. Actually, you can combine many different elements and create your own style. For example, maybe you are a tall guy with a round face, then Leo DiCaprio should be your role model because he is also a tall guy with a round face. You can easily imitate his haircut who is definitely designed by a well-known stylist. If you are a short guy, consider imitating Tom Cruise. If you are mixed, then Keanu Reeves is a good example that you can imitate because he is also mixed (his dad is Asian). Let Russian girls find the celebrity in you.

sex sport man


You are shaped by what you love. If you and Nicolas Cage share many features but you don’t like Nicolas Cage’s style, it’s okay! You can look for what you like and emulate that. Gradually, you will become what you love. Perhaps you actually like Justin Bieber but your friends don’t like him, so you have peer pressure and can’t emulate Justin Bieber. Fuck your friends and do what you love because you only live once. Only when you have the confidence to do what you enjoy can you attract high-quality Russian beauties, because confident men and high-value women navigate towards each other.

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