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Meeting Russian Women: How to get the best results at a speed dating event

Speed dating events are the most interesting, efficient and effective dating activity that you can do if you’d like to meet Russian women. Better still, it’s absolutely fun! Now you can Google speed dating events for Russian singles in your local area and see what you can find. If you can’t find speed dating events for Russians in your local area, consider attending such an event in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles where you can definitely find something cool like that. Travelling to a big city for dating and vacation should be the best trip.

Top 7 Speed Dating Questions: speed dating tips


Treat it like a job interview. If you are going to attend a job interview, you will certainly be very well-prepared – you’ll wear a new outfit, get a new haircut and prepare what to say. Similarly, you should treat the speed dating event like a job interview – you need to look good and be well-prepared. An excellent conversationalist actually prepares what they are going to say beforehand. Likewise, an outstanding stand-up comedian also prepares all their jokes in advance. Some famous comedians like Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey even hire professional writers to write their jokes regularly. If you can afford to hire a dating coach, you should invest in that service because you’ll benefit from this experience in the long term – it’s about your happiness for the rest of your life. At least you should read some dating books and prepare something interesting to talk about. Ladies from Russia love men with a good sense of humour.

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Improve your appearance. Your appearance is paramount at a speed dating event because when a Russian beauty only has a few minutes to talk to you, she can only see the cover of the book, even though we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. As a matter of fact, good looks can be the most powerful tool. Leonardo DiCaprio is using his good looks to change the world, as evidenced by his website which features solutions to climate change. If you can’t afford to go to the best salon, you can still visit the best salon for a quick consultation – you simply ask the stylist which haircut suits you, and then you can go to a cheap salon to get your hair done according to the stylist’s suggestions. Remember: Your hair is the first thing women notice when they see you; your clothes are the second thing women notice; your face is the third thing women notice. Now it’s also a good time to invest in some high-quality clothes such as Ted Baker and Jack London because if you have at least two decent outfits, you can wash them and wear them when you go out to meet hot women. Also, a high-quality outfit lasts for a very long time, so if you look at the cost per wear, it’s probably cheaper than an outfit from Target.

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Mirror the Russian woman’s habits. NLP claims that when you mirror someone’s habits, they like you more. For instance, if you are talking to a hot Russian girl who touches her elbow while talking, you should also touch your own elbow. Then in her subconscious, she will like you more. If the Russian lady’s hand is touching her cup when she is talking to you, you should also touch your coffee mug while you are talking.

Meeting Russian Women


Secretly write down each Russian stunner’s name and key features on your phone. Nowadays everyone has a smart phone. You must make full use of your smart phone when you go out to meet Russian girls. Because you’ll meet many beauties from Russia at the speed dating events, it’s hard for you to remember each lady’s name. Hence, you should take some notes on your phone: Write down each Russian woman’s name and her key features, e.g. Natasha – long blonde hair, blue eyes, big lips, large breasts; Alina – dark wavy hair, green eyes, long legs; Anna – straight brown hair, hazel eyes, Jennifer Lopez’s ass. That’s how you remember each hot girl from Russia easily.

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Don’t forget to follow up with them. When the speed dating event is over, you must have accumulated some hot girls’ phone numbers. Thus, you should contact them within 24 hours. Simply send a text message to each sexy lady from Russia, e.g. “Hey XYZ, I’m impressed by the conversation with you tonight. Would you like to go to ABC concert with me this Friday night?” (when you say “I’m impressed”, she begins to prove herself to you.) If you wait for too long and then contact these beautiful women from Russia, they will probably forget who you are because they didn’t read this article and learn note-taking skills on the phone. In fact, the skills and techniques in this article also applies to other scenarios where you can meet ladies from Russia.

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