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Russian Women
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Russian and Ukrainian women

russianbabyRussia, Ukraine, Belarus and even Kazakhstan are often seen as something one and whole however all these four countries are different in a lot of things. They all used to be a part of USSR but it does not make them absolutely similar. What should one know about different between Ukrainian women and Russian women? The first thing is probably language. Generally all Ukrainian people understand the language of their Northern neighbor and speak some or even fluent Russian. People who live to the west from Kiev prefer speaking in Ukrainian language that is quite different from Russian and is closer to Polish.

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Women from Eastern Ukraine are quite similar to Russian girls from smaller cities and towns. Most of them even have Russian origin and share Russian values and lifestyle. Women from the western part of Ukraine prefer European lifestyle and do their best to follow the Western trends. It is a great combination of attractive Slavic appearance together with European fashion.

National character

The scientists proved long ago that people from southern parts of the world are much more emotional that inhabitants of northern lands. Ukraine is warmer than Russia and generally the weather is much milder here. Probably that is why Ukrainian ladies tend to be more passionate than Russians.

Cultural background is also very important here. Ukrainian national character is very emotional - women are very attractive and sensitive and men are brave and quick-tempered. Russians are a bit harder to rile up than Ukrainians and especially than the women from the western part of the country.


And again we have big different between Russia and Eastern Ukraine on the one side and Western Ukraine on the other. Russian girls are naturally paler and have lighter hair color. They are typical representatives of Eastern Slavic people. Western Ukrainians were influenced by Southern Slavic a lot like Bulgaria and that is why they generally look different.

Women of Western Ukraine mostly have brown eyes and dark hair however both in Russia and all parts of Ukraine there are girls with various hair and eye colors. Frankly speaking an ordinary foreigner may not see any crucial difference between Russians and Ukrainians but please don’t say it to women from those countries! It can easily be regarded as an insult and it would be very hard for you to regain the trust.

Slavic but different


In the conclusion we would like to admit that difference between Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians is very slight. It is probably like different between the USA and Canada for a Ukrainian – these countries have different names and Canada seems slightly colder but probably that’s all because people and even cities look the same way.

Stop thinking about cultural and mentality difference and start searching the place for the first date! Finally this is how dating with a Russian or Ukrainian begins!

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