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Russian Women
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Russian charm

What are the most typical things that nearly any American or European knows about Russia? Cold weather, vodka and incredibly attractive women, of course!

Men from nearly all countries call Russian ladies the most beautiful or at least one of the most beautiful in the world. Dating websites are full of brides from Russia who are looking for their princes abroad. So what is the secret of Russian women’s charm and why they are so much loved?

Demographic imbalance


Devastating wars influenced not only political life and economy of Russia but also its social model. A lot of men did not manage to return from the war and right after the World War 2 there were about three young men to ten young women. The girls were despaired – only few of them had a chance to create a family while the rest had to live alone.

Nowadays there are still a bit more women than men in Russia – the ratio is about 10 to 8.5 – and that Soviet postwar model is still used by Russians. That is why Russian women have to compete hard even for every man and it makes them look fit, young and attractive. So imagine what a foreigner comes to Russia and sees so many attractive girls around!





Russia used to have quite strong patriarchal model and a women used to obey her husband and do all those domestic duties that often appeared to be much harder than a man’s work. Today everything is slightly different but marriage with a Russian woman still guarantees you very good atmosphere in your house and close relationships. Russians actually like do all those stuff at home while a husband devotes his time to earning money.


The best mothers


The guys dating Russian girls almost always notice the fact that Russians are always looking for creating a family. They are not obsessed with careers and promotion – Russian women tend to think that having big and close-knit family is the most important thing in the world. So don’t be afraid of proposing a Russian girl you love – we are absolutely sure that she will agree.

Having a Russian wife you will hardly have to pay for a babysitter – women from Russia just cannot imagine leaving their baby with someone else except their parents. A Russian wife is capable of doing a lot of crazy things including working and taking care of kids at the same time.

A Russian woman will always be not just your partner or lover but something more. You may be absolutely sure in your “back land” being together with a girl from Russia. These women never leave their men in trouble. They are ready to stay with you in any situation and to survive anything together. It is probably the most important advantage of brides from Russia.




So let’s sum up all the advantages that Russian women have and that are so magnetizing for men from abroad:

• They are used to compete for men and that’s why Russian always look cute and hot

• A Russian woman will be happy to follow a man but not to argue with him – sometimes old-fashioned traditions are good, aren’t they?

• Family is the most important part of life for a Russian girl. They are ready to marry even in their early 20-s while European and American women prefer to pursue career purposes.

• Russian wife is the most honest and trustworthy wife that will never betray you. It doesn’t matter what troubles you are going through she will always be near.

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