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Russian dating: Are you hooking up or hooking down?

In modern-day society, this is a common pathway:

1) You hook up with someone.

2) If sex is good, you keep dating that person – when you two appear in public together, that’s dating.

3) If you are compatible in other ways and have built an emotional connection, you become exclusive – you are in a relationship.

4) If you share mutual benefits and have a shared vision, you get married. When it comes to dating Russian women, similar principles apply as well. Let’s talk about Step 1: hooking up today.

dating Russian women free


If your Russian lover can’t speak English, you are hooking down. Well-educated Russian ladies speak fluent English. For example, Richard la Ruina’s wife is a woman from Russia and she speaks very good English. If you are seeing a Russian girl who can’t even speak English properly, you are clearly hooking down. You are also hooking down if your Russian stunner doesn’t have a real job because most ladies from Russia are hardworking. Remember: hooking down will never lead to meeting the ideal Russian bride.


Stop hooking down and start hooking up. Some general signs that indicate you are hooking down:

1) You are sleeping with a Russian beauty who has fake blonde hair & the roots of her hair are much darker.

2) She has bad breath.

3) Her pubic hair is blue.

4) She doesn’t shave her armpits.

5) When she is eating something, she sounds like a pig.

ideal Russian bride

In contrast, some general signs that indicate you are hooking up:

1) Her handbag always has mint, Dior lipstick and Chanel perfume in it.

2) Her favourite music is Celine Dion’s French songs.

3) She enjoys going to galleries and museums.

4) Her biggest hobby is reading.

5) She is an ambitious woman.

Of course, these are just some general guidelines only and can’t represent every situation that people may experience. But you’ve got the gist.

quality girls from Russia


Where you can hook up. The worst place to hook up is to approach strangers in a nightclub. Let’s be honest: High-quality girls from Russia don’t need to go to a nightclub in order to attract men & they are already surrounded by high-value men. Therefore, approaching strangers in a bar is the last thing you want to do if your goal is to find a Russian wife. Having said that, it doesn’t mean someone in your existing social circle is more likely to be the right person for you. In fact, the sweet spot is somewhere between a stranger and an acquaintance, e.g. your dance teacher’s friend, your boss’s niece, etc. These are called ‘weak links’ & they are the most powerful connections that you should build, because if people in your existing social circle can become your ideal wife, chances are they must have done it already. As a result, you should focus on meeting these ‘weak links’ who are more likely to be your perfect wife. That means you should go to your dance teacher’s party on Friday night & you definitely should go to your boss’s house for the end-of-year staff function.


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