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Russian Women
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Stereotypes about Russian women

fredategirl All the great people and things in our world are surrounded with a great number of stereotypes. Actually, some of them are usually true while the others are nothing more but exaggeration or even nonsense. Let’s look at the stereotypes about Russian ladies and dispel all possible doubts.


All “Natashas” are prostitutes



American cinematograph and especially Hollywood are known for intentional or unintentional demonizing Russia – all the men are shown as gangsters while the girls are called prostitutes that always do their best in tempting the main character. Typically they fail, by the way.

Really foreigners too often take Russian women for yes-girls and suppose they can easily “buy” a Russian girl with money, green card or prospects in living abroad. That is why many of European and American men feel hurt when a woman from Russia blows them off. Russians are very trustworthy and nice – ask their husbands and then compare it to what you have read or heard about Russians.



Russians are looking for wealthy men only



One more stereotype that unfortunately sometimes can be true. Actually there are such Russian girls who want to find a rich man with a yacht and big house. Luckily they usually do not hide their intentions and do not insist on mutual love. You will hardly find any of such women on our website because here we have the second type of Russians.


The women registered in our system put family values to the first place. They do not care how much their man earns – they want only to find a person that will become their partner for the whole life. Finally, there is a proverb in Russian language – “money can’t buy happiness”. Looking at great number of successful and rich but still unhappy people we may say that it can be true.



Russian girls like brutal men


Another Russian proverb says that “the more he beats you the more he loves you”. But it is an obvious thing that no woman can like being physically suppressed and hurt by her man. Otherwise, Russian brides appreciate when you respect them and treat with care. In such a case they will adore being feminine for you and look gorgeous for you. Don’t repeat the main mistake of Russian men – never raise your hand against a Russian girl because it will probably be your last mistakes in your relationships. She will never forgive and even if she does she will never forget.





Russian women are manipulators


Many foreigners who used to date Russian women and were left by them complain that Russians manipulate men taking as much as they can and they go farther to the next victim. You should realize that it is nothing more than bruised ego. There are much more guys who are completely satisfied with their Russian significant others.

A Russian woman just needs a man. It does not mean you have to be a gym rat or a billionaire. No, just let her feel safe and confident and it will be enough.

Every stereotype contains some true but its share varies a lot. The majority of American and European stereotypes about Russia do not deserve and respect and attention since they are based on rumors. Come to Russia and see everything yourself!
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