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The best places for a date

 bestrusgirl Let’s imagine that you have completed the first mission and met a cute single Russian girl. The time has come to go out together and as you are a foreigner you probably do not know for sure what place is going to be good and where you’d better not to go.

First date

We can divide all possible places for the first date into traditional and non-traditional ones. It’s up to you to decide. Sometimes men meet such women who are absolutely different and one can understand it right away, without any explanations. Such Russian ladies will certainly prefer something specific.



Traditional places

1. A café. There is nothing more traditional than to invite your new acquaintance to a candlelit dinner. Choosing this option does not mean that you are boring or something. Otherwise, some Russian women prefer conservative men and going to a restaurant is the best way for them to demonstrate their beauty.

2. A romantic walk. It is the best choice for the men who cannot choose a proper place. You can start your evening with a charming girl just walking around and later decide together where you’d like to continue it – to watch the sunset, to go to a sushi-bar or maybe you will find something absolutely different.

3. Picnic would be an interesting solution only if you know the places well. Being a new person in the town you will hardly be able to find really good place. From the other hand if the weather is cool and the place is perfect it is going to be the best date of your life!







Going beyond dinners and picnics

1. Air balloon will be appreciated by those Russian ladies who prefer something unusual and exciting. And don’t forget to warn her – no high-heels and short hot dresses!

2. A rock-concert can also be called non-traditional place for the first date – people often say that it is a bad idea to take a girl to a cinema or a concert because it will be hard to talk and to hear each other. It sounds OK for a cinema but in our opinion a concert is a great place! Sometimes energy is more important than words and feeling its flows between you is indescribably exciting.

3. You both love extreme? So take her to bungee-jumping spot or at least to a booster! And after such a stress you can calm down by going to a carting club. If she tells that the first date was amazing then you may proceed to the second – there are dozens of options from snowboarding to scuba diving. Try everything together!





Feel free to be creative

One of the most common mistake among foreigners who are looking for dating Russian girls is their desire to follow the same strategy the Russian man do. Your main advantage is your different way of thinking due to different place of origin.

Just consider each case individually and do not compare a girl that you have just met to your previous ones too much. Try to be attentive from the very first conversation with a woman and in 99% cases she will give you a sign of what she likes and what she does not like. Don’t miss it! If you understand her hint right you have a guaranteed cool first date!

Use the Internet and read more about the experience of others. Sometimes people think out something absolutely new inspired by something that has already been done. And finally you can just follow some good tips taken from a dating website – there is nothing wrong in doing like that.



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