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Tips how to behave whilst online dating



In fact, dating on the Internet is considered to be totally different from the one in real life – even though people still prefer traditional ways of creating families, there are those brave ones going online and finding out about the ways to discover the wife from a different country. At the first sight, it sounds and looks scary – so what would the beginner think in such new situation? He would think it is absolutely impossible to build long-term relationships on the distance – but it is definitely better to take a look at another side of the story.

According to the experience of married American men, they managed to meet their Russian women on special matchmaking services. These usually provide users a big number of modern features that support successful and productive communication process and similar, as well as give useful information about Russian women’s mentality and other stuff necessary to know.


meet their Russian women

After becoming the member of such huge community, it is necessary to visit the informative corner of the chosen website, such as, and find out about the best and real tips of how to behave whilst dating particular match from the abroad on the Internet. These usually are:

• Being honest. If a single man is being honest with the lady he has discovered whilst Russian dating, this girl will definitely return it all back which provides the successful start of serious relationships on the distance. It is not recommended to pretend to be someone else because at the end of the story all that waits is a big disappointment and a failure.

• Always talk with the sincerity. Among being honest, the sensitive match from any Slavic country on East Europe can feel whether the man talks to her with the sincerity in his own words or not. Again, if she manages to feel it – she will return it all back. The ladies from Ukraine, Russia and other countries that are near those two show the big interest and tolerance to the men from abroad they are dating on matchmaking service. They also show how much they care about certain things not to mention the fact that they are always ready to listen to someone having a problem and will provide understanding and necessary help.

• Do not insist. After sending a very first e-mail to particular match from Russian marriage agency and not getting the response for a long time it is not necessary to write a bunch of similar letters in order to get it – ladies from Russia and Ukraine do not love when single men insist on dating. Otherwise, the male customer will be blocked by the staff of the service as they previously get the request from the woman herself.



match from Russian marriage agency

• Being a real gentleman. The way Slavic ladies love to be treated is totally different to the one in other countries, especially in America. They love getting attention because these are the ladies but sometimes just being a nice and real gentleman will be pretty enough for a potential Russian wife.

• Find common interesting topics. They say, when the woman talks about the things she likes in life – she looks the most beautiful and happy. In fact, human start expressing positive emotions, sincere smile on the face and similar. So finding common topics and interests to discuss will help the lady to relax in a conversation with a single man from overseas and open the heart to him which is important in serious relationships.

• Avoid being annoying. Yes, insisting on something and being extremely annoying is not going to help single man to gain the respect of the lady from Ukraine he thought he would be able to date.

• Remember that there is a difference between mentalities and life views. In that case, it is recommended to show the respect to the woman and tolerance – all the people are different and that is actually good. Ukrainian and Russian ones are not the exception. Besides, they even value someone being “out of the herd” as they prefer expressing the creativity and similar qualities making them exceptional unlikely to other people.

• Avoid potential misunderstandings. Before marrying charming Ukrainian wives it is necessary to know how to be able to avoid multiple misunderstandings that can appear whilst dating online and later in more serious relationships or even marriage. In order to avoid those things as well as other similar issues, the man should necessarily know about the mentality of the country his wife comes from including the traditions and other stuff that specifically builds the personality of the one who represents the whole nation.



ladies from Russia and Ukraine

• Send a nice present. Russian brides love receiving the stuff and multiple special presents from the man living in another country. In fact, it can be literally everything – beautiful bouquet of flowers, sweets, a national clothing and similar.



How to write a good introduction letter for the potential wife?

Making the first step in online relationships is very important – in fact, in order to make everything in a right way, the customer should start with coming up with a creative and interesting introduction letter. What are the pieces of advice to write the best one?

• Mentioning common interests. Before doing that, the experts recommend to visit the page of a potential match and catch some info and details in order to mention that in a letter. But it is better to avoid inserting too many of them, it is enough to catch just one or eventually a few

• Avoiding starting the conversation with common and banal words. The introduction letter represents the personality of the customer – it is not recommended to use commonplace words at the beginning of the e-mail, it minimizes the chance of it being read by single lady afterward.

• Avoiding writing long letters. It will be pretty enough to write just a short letter with only main details that can potentially wake up the interest of single lady. Besides, it is easier and faster to read such correspondence without getting tired of long e-mails having no sense.




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