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Typical mistakes in dating Russian girls

datingRussiangirls Now you know where to meet a Russian girl but you are probably unaware of the most typical mistakes that a foreigner could commit. There are the basic rules of communication that more or less work all around the world while there also are some specific things that one should know when talking to Russian ladies in order avoid awkward situations.

Admire her


What is a typical compliment in the West? Usually it is very general and concerns such things like clothes, sunglasses or some accessories. Compliments in the Western society are something that is usually done casually and in passing. Everything is different in Russia.

If you want to make your Russian bride feel more comfortable and needed you should tell her as much compliments as you can. Mention her deep blue eyes, amazing shape of nose and her tournure. Don’t forget to admire her new dress and shoes! Let your Russian woman feel like a princess and she will be incredibly thankful.

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Jealousy – good or evil?


Dating a Russian girl full of passion when you are constantly trying to dominate in your relationships and to make her obey. It is like a game – you should be jealous sometimes as well as tell her what to do and what not to do. But only sometimes. Rarely. Almost never. If you take this too serious and try to act as a sheikh that has a dozen of women in his harem you will quickly find yourself alone.

It is the most significant thing about Russians – don’t be too permissive like you could be with a Western girl but don’t crack down. Everything is OK when you do it reasonably.


Family and relatives


Respect her mother. A mother is more than just a mother in Russia as well as a mother-in-law is more than just mother-in-law. Treat her properly, remember about all those important holidays like Mother’s Day, Women’s Day etc. Ask your girlfriend if you are not sure.



Family life and traditions are very important for Russians. Some of them may seem weird for you like, for example, sitting at the table and chatting during the whole evening but still you should take it seriously. Second impression

Russian girls like foreigners but being a man from abroad is not enough to marry a Russian girl. You should also be an interesting person and it would awesome if you have good sense of humor. Russians also like talking on very different topics so your education and scope will be very useful.

Never take a Russian woman for granted. She will feel it right away and the consequences for you will be quite unpleasant. Finally, second impression is as important as the first one and maybe it is even more crucial.

The recommendations mentioned above are not that hard to follow. All you need is memory and attention. Finally, if you love your girl you will certainly like making her and her family happy.


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