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Russian Women
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Useful resources about dating Russian girls

Russian women are admired by men all over the world due to their beauty, charisma and elegance. More importantly, Russian girls are best characterised by their honest personality which is not the most common quality in the western dating culture where people play games with each other. If you are interested in improving your game and get a Russian bride, here are some useful resources that you may find helpful. Please note that this article and our website do not promote any products or services mentioned in this article at all. If you purchase any of these resources, we do not receive any commission.

a hot Russian stunner


Richard la Ruina’s dating philosophy, book and online programs. Richard la Ruina is the world’s best pick up artist because his company, pua training, is the biggest dating advice platform in Europe (and definitely one of the biggest in the world). Richard la Ruina is well-known for his dating preference – his favourite women are Russian ladies. Because he talked about the differences between Russian beauties and British women in public (on TV), he received a lot of criticism from the mainstream media. During a TV interview, Richard la Ruina says, “British women are overweight; they feel entitled; they can’t take criticism well. In contrast, women in Russia know how to look after themselves. They want to earn men’s respect and affection. My mum is a British woman and she agrees with me. She says, ‘These are very honest people’. My wife is Russian and I absolutely adore her.” When that video was released on YouTube, many western men wrote comments to support Richard la Ruina’s opinion, although the mainstream media’s original intention was to blame Richard for what he has said. In actuality, Richard la Ruina was very honest and told the ugly truth because he wanted to be actually correct, not politically correct. Therefore, if you resonate with his ideas, you may check out his content, including his new online program which is a video game that teaches men how to improve their game – it’s a really unique online program because it’s an interactive video game in which you can also see his wife, Kate la Ruina – a hot Russian stunner.

about dating Russian girls


Yad’s YouTube videos. Yad was Richard la Ruina’s employee, but later on he established his own business He was famous for a YouTube video in which he kissed a Russian girl within a few minutes after meeting her in the street. As a Middle Eastern guy who was born in England, Yad’s approach tells men that your race doesn’t matter, as long as you have good game. Hence, if you think Russian beauties don’t like you simply because you are not White, then think again. Yad’s strength is his ability to create positive vibes and get sexy women into his bed within a short period of time – once he approached a lady in the street and 25 minutes later, she was in his bed. He also delivered a very powerful speech at 21 Convention where he shared his dating model, demonstrating how to get attractive women step by step. You may check out that video if you need some deconstruction in your learning journey.

Russian beauties meet


George Massey’s book and YouTube videos (Street Attraction). George Massey is another pick up artist who likes ladies from Russia. In fact, he completely supports Richard la Ruina’s argument when he saw that TV interview in which Richard la Ruina was blamed by the mainstream media. George Massey looks like Keanu Reeves, although he is probably not very tall. His strength is he doesn’t just look interesting – he is actually interesting. He is probably the most interesting pick up artist out there because he is intellectually attractive. He also has his own YouTube channels where he talks about his understanding of current affairs/news, movies, music, and so forth.


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