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What Russian parents are like

rusewifeIn Russia they say that marrying a girl you marry her mother as well. You should not take it literally, of course. It just means that mother-in-law is going to influence your life a lot and it does not matter if you like it or not. Of course, some Russian women have modern mothers who avoid interfering in her adult daughter’s life. But you may not be so lucky. So let’s talk about all the possible members of your Russian bride’s family and describe the majority of them.






This woman is supposed to become your second mother. Those weird Russians like calling “mother” different women – for instance, they call the first from mistress “second mother” of their kids! Westerners usually cannot understand it.

They cannot either get the idea of mother’s-in-law role in their family life. Short funny stories and anecdotes about your wife’s mom are recommended here. After reading at least a couple of them you will start understanding something. But it’s going to be a very long process anyway.

All the man married to Russian girls say that it is very important to establish friendly relationships with a mother-in-law. It will bring many benefits even if you don’t feel like talking or listening to this person a lot. Your patience will be generously rewarded in future. And be ready for terrible problems if your mother-in-law does not like you because Russian ladies (especially young) are usually easy to influence by their mothers. It may even lead to a divorce.




And again we are going to turn to Russian modern folklore. A father-in-law is represented there as a counterpart of a mother-in-law. He is condescending and even patronizing to a groom and he would be happy if you drink some vodka with him.

It can be different, however. Some fathers are not happy that their beloved daughter is going to marry a foreigner that is why finding the right approach to your bride’s father is incredibly important as well.

Luckily you are both men and you naturally understand each other better that you and your mother-in-law. If you turn the girlfriend’s father into your friend or at least into a person who more or less likes you – your chances for good relations with the mother-in-law are getting much higher.




Brothers and sisters as well as cousins, nephews and nieces are usually very easy to impress and to strike up a friendship with. They would probably be in the same age category with you and/or your bride so you will have a lot of interesting things to discuss.


Elder brothers and sisters can also be your good and reliable allies. If they like you and tell their parents that you are cool and funny you mother and father-in-law will definitely add you some points of reputation. But don’t make yourself to be too sweet and don’t try to flatter or flannel – hypocrisy is no good in such cases. Be sincere, just show normal and natural interest in other people and will quickly find your corner in their hearts. And don’t forget to read our interesting article about the most popular topics for discussion with Russian families!

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