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Russian Women
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Where to meet a Russian girl

 meetaRussiangirl Western women are not that easy to approach with romantic purposes. They will be happy to show you the way in the street or to share their opinion about a good place for having breakfast but if you try to ask her phone number or invite her to go out together she will probably look embarrassed and murmur something like “sorry, I should go”.

Fortunately Russian ladies are a different story. Even their look shows men that these girls will be happy if you come up and say “hello”. They are open-minded and ready for meeting new people and especially foreigners that are welcomed in Russia.

And now let’s turn to the places where you can quickly get some phone numbers and meet a lot of extremely cute women.




Malls and shopping centers



Russian men hate going shopping, they reluctantly do it even with their significant others. That’s why you will probably see very few of them and literally endless number of Russian women of all ages. They walk around alone or with friends, looking for a new pair of shoes or already with bags full of purchases. It would be a nice beginning of a conversation if you help her with her items – take it and bring to her car, for example. Be a gentleman – Russians do love it while Western women prefer to be or at least to look strong.

There are foodcourts in all the malls and shopping centers and it is a great place to hunt for a girl – just like a predator hunts for grass-eating animals at a water hole. Women have some rest eating and your delicate approach would be regarded as something nice and pleasant.


Public events


Rock-concerts, festivals and any kinds of public venues seem to be created for starting dating with a Russian woman. Here you can begin with a compliment. And once again you do not have to be a genius or a worldwide-known pick-up master, just be yourself and show your interest.

With no doubts women in Russia react positively when a stranger talks to them on such events. You can even share your opinion about what is going on with her and if she replies with the same – it means that you are very close to your aim.






YouTube is just full of amazing videos from Russia. How do you think why Russian girls dress so stylishly and always try to look cute? It would be egoistic and even stupid of them to do it just for themselves. No, they want to attract a worthy guy who is brave enough to talk to them.

Single women usually like occasional conversations especially with foreign guys. It does not matter how you start the dialogue – just say something general or (if you are a creative person) tell her how charming she is.

Russians are very sociable despite a well-known stereotype about their rudeness. People in Russia may not smile as often as you are used to see in the West but if they really want to smile they do it with their whole heart.

Find a lot of women from Russia on our website. You will be surprised with their attractive look regardless of age – Russian beauty has already become a legend and those who are dating Russian women are its best confirmation.


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