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Russian Women
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Why Russian?

 WhyRussiangirl In any country of Europe or in any states of the USA it is quite easy to meet a lot of couples with a non-Russian man and a Russian woman. But why there are so many Russian ladies abroad and nearly no Russian guys? And why do Western men love Russians so much?

Russian beauty

Look at the Miss Universe results for last 15 years. How many Russians are there? Only one. Girls from Venezuela, Costa-Rica, Panama and even the USA tend to win this prestigious contest much oftener. However Russian women are still often shown in movies, they constantly make men admire them and they are one of the most famous characteristics of Russia.

There are more than 80 nations in Russia and there is no single type of appearance among Russian people. Asian, European, Slavic and Finno-Ugric genes have mixed a lot and now you will see absolutely different people in Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Chita. The situation is even more complex and due to that interesting when in the United States!

Thus Russian girls may belong to a great number of appearance types and with absolutely no doubts a foreigner can find in Russian absolutely any woman of his dreams.





Being natural

Western beauty is often artificial and there is nothing bad in it – people of West just prefer using the last achievements in technologies to look beautiful while Eastern women including Russians and Ukrainians suppose that only naturalness can save the world.

Someone may object saying that Russians actually use a lot of make-up as well. Anyway, they tend to look more natural because they really take care of skin, nails and hair. Men who are currently dating Russian girls not that their Northern beauties always look beautiful – it is something like normal for them. It is impossible to imagine a Russian woman going to buy some bread in flip flops and a battling nest on her head – even after five or ten years of abroad life Russians stay cute, hot and attractive.

Those who win Miss Universe can look quite usual and even boring during 364 days a year while Russians are always impressive. They are outstanding even when they are at home, alone and sick. It is actually the most astonishing for foreigners who come out to a Russian street for the first time – men say such a view just makes them dizzy.





National character

For a foreigner marriage with a Russian woman is something really exotic. There are usually some nice surprises when your young russian wife appears to be a great cook, a passionate lover and a very careful and faithful partner for life.

Russian soul is a great secret that only few foreigners have managed to understand and reveal. Women from that fascinating country are very kind, charming and bright. Each Russian girl is a personality – she always has her own opinion on everything and it is better for you to not suppress her. The most important thing for a Russian is to feel a strong and reliable man near. Care about her and protect her from all the hardships and she will be near through foul and fair.



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