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Russian Women
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Family of a Russian woman

Russian-woman-date People who start discovering Russia and Russian mentality unexceptionally have a great deal questions about everything. One of the most popular is the question about Russian mother-in-law. Why do they mock at her and demonize her? Foreigners typically scratch their heads and have no answer for that. Well, not only Russian women have mothers – Western ladies also once will have to invite their men to their house but they are not obsessed with mother-in-law so much. The truth is very simple for everyone who knows at least the basic things about Russian history and culture.

A typical Russian family

Despite there are many different nations and peoples in modern Russia its social model is basically Slavic since the majority of population are still Russians.

Slavic people used to be very friendly and appreciated good fun. They had very big families with a lot of kids, cousins and other relatives. After each marriage two families merged into one. A young husband started calling his parents-in-law “mother” and “father” – just like his own parents. The same thing was done by a young wife. It may look quite weird for a Western man who is probably used to polite and more formal relationships with the parents of his significant other.

Yes, foreigners often feel awkward and embarrassed in a typical Russian family but only in the very beginning. Quite soon they start liking those close, trust-based and very sincere relationships. It is very different from the Western family model but if you love your Russian girl you should accept all those specific things. Finally, these people brought her up and she is so cool due to their efforts! How to behave at a family feast

Russian family tableful is very different from American barbeque. People here spend the whole evening and in certain cases a big part of a night on talking and eating and sometimes dancing. Be ready that there will be too much food for you. It is going to be tasty and sometimes both strange and delicious and you will hardly eat even a half of what you are offered to eat. Believe us, it’s absolutely normal. If you are not hungry and your stomach is already full you will still have to at least taste something if your girl’s parents or relatives ask you.

The following topics are very typical at Russian family parties:

• Politics
• News
• Gossips
• Culture

More than that, be ready that they will talk about your country a lot even if they actually no nothing about it. And don’t worry if some guests criticize your government – Russians probably never like any government of any state at all and such an antipathy has nothing in common with you.





Generally Russian ladies consider relationships with their families very important. You will accepted by her parents like a son, and it is great. Quite soon you will feel at their home like at your own place and all the embarrassment will disappear.

Such things are inevitable if you are dating a Russian girl so it is better for you to be prepared. Who knows, maybe your family will also get into the Russian spirit and your wife will call her mother-in-law just “mom”?



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