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Married to Russian wives: The real reasons why some couples don’t have kids

Being married to a Russian wife is definitely a bliss – she looks after you; she admires you; she genuinely loves you. Because the birth rate in western countries is getting lower these days, some western men who are married to Russian wives don’t have kids – why is that?

The No. 1 reason for not having kids is lack of emotional connection between the husband and the wife. Of course, there are many couples who actually love each other and have profound emotional connection, yet they still don’t have kids (e.g. Tom Bilyeu and his wife). But those couples are not very common. In fact, the No. 1 reason why some couples don’t have children is that they don’t have good emotional connection. Yet people don’t want to talk about it. If everyone is happy to communicate this in the right way, the divorce rate will be much lower in this world. Natalie is a woman from Russia who was married to an American guy. In 2013, when her husband manipulated the condom during intercourse, hoping that she will get pregnant, she used Chinese herbal medicine to get rid of his cum from her. And that happened twice! That’s because she was already planning on divorcing the American dude who didn’t build a strong emotional connection with her in the first place. The American man treated Natalie badly and only wanted to use her for his selfish purposes. In the end, he realized that perhaps this Russian lady might leave him, so he tried to make her pregnant in order to keep her. But it was already too late – she divorced him a few months later.



The No. 2 reason for not having kids is a psychological barrier. A lot of couples don’t have kids, so they go to see a doctor. However, the doctor can’t find out anything wrong with them. How can we explain that? According to modern medicine, the power of the mindset is extremely influential – it influences your biology. When you don’t really want to become a father, you are literally lowering your chance of fathering a child. If you read Dr Joe Dispenza’s books (e.g. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, You Are the Placebo, Evolve Your Brain, etc.), you will understand why your mind strongly affects your body in a very powerful way.



Some men put their freaking phones in their jeans’ pockets. Your mobile phone is bad for your health in various ways. Firstly, when you put your mobile phone in your pants’ pocket, the magnetic field strength transmitted from your phone is actually damaging your sperm. Consequently, your sperm count may become lower. Secondly, when your mobile phone is held to your head, its magnetic field might damage your brain, thereby creating a psychological barrier which was mentioned in the paragraph above. Lastly, when you put your mobile phone next to your pillow at night, it’s a distraction from intimacy with your Russian bride. How can you focus on making love to your Russian girl when you are thinking about your mobile phone in bed? Hence, you would be well-advised to switch on airplane mode on your mobile phone at night if you must use it as your alarm clock. Alternatively, you can just buy a cheap alarm clock from Target or Amazon. As a matter of fact, a better idea is to stop using alarm clock – do what Tom Bilyeu does: go to bed before 9pm and wake up naturally early in the morning without an alarm clock. Tom hasn’t used an alarm clock for nearly two decades. And that’s the best way to maintain good physical health and mental health.



Some women are smokers. Smoking cigarettes can lead to every disease that you have heard of. According to a study in the 90s, scientists are unable to find one disease that couldn’t be caused by smoking. Women who smoke are less likely to get pregnant. Luckily, the majority of women from Russia don’t smoke at all, so this reason is the last reason on this list. But don’t forget that when a Russian beauty moves to a western country, she may have peer pressure. For example, if all of her friends in the United States smoke cigarettes, chances are she probably have to smoke in order to fit in. Thus, you may want to know who your Russian stunner is hanging out with.

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