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Marrying a Russian bride: How to have a healthy relationship on your terms

When you start a relationship with a Russian girlfriend, you are entering the most important stage of this relationship: the start. How you begin the relationship dictates how this relationship will go because you build the fundamental dynamics first.


The person who is more willing to walk away has more power in the negotiation. No matter it’s a business negotiation, a job interview or a romantic relationship, the person who is more willing to leave always has more power and leverage in the dynamics. For instance, when I approach a successful business owner to talk about potential cooperation, that person usually has more power because they don’t necessarily need to cooperate with me. By contrast, when a successful business owner approaches me for a potential cooperation, I always have more power as I don’t have to cooperate with them. Similarly, when you communicate your abundance to the Russian woman in the right way, she knows you have other options; therefore, you have more leverage in the relationship. In contrast, when you show your neediness, she will have more leverage. As a result, at the beginning of your relationship with a Russian beauty, you should “accidentally” let her see your Instagram photos with other hot women before you met her, so that she knows you have other options (you don’t have to choose her). Of course, that means you need to plant the seed early – you should begin to hang out with other sexy women and post your photos with them on Instagram now. So, when you meet a Russian bride in the future, you will have enough photos to show her “accidentally”.



Sleeping with the Russian ladyearlier helps you have more power in the dynamics. Before having sex with the girl from Russia, she dictates whether it’s a sexual relationship or not. But after having sex with her, the relationship is about how she is able to keep you around. That means you should sleep with her early and gain more power in the relationship. Having said that, if you don’t have sex before marriage due to religious reasons, that’s okay because it’s a legitimate reason.



Have boundaries and don’t get walked all over. We all know many great principles, but if we don’t implement those principles, they are just freaking useless. Can you change your Russian wife’s mood instead of her mind? Can you communicate your intention without making her hate you? At the end of the day, a healthy relationship on your terms is a win-win situation. If it’s a win-lose situation, it won’t be sustainable in the long run because it’s too coercive. Ideally, a relationship is about love and commitment; nevertheless, realistically, everyone is thinking “What’s in it for me?” Therefore, you should also analyze what’s in it for your Russian stunner – why does she want to be with you? Don’t become delusional and believe that you are a high-value guy for no reason. Be practical and down-to-earth: Does she want you because you are the most genuine guy she’s met? Does she choose you because you are the provider? Be honest with yourself and don’t bullshit yourself.


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