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The danger of not asking a Russian girl out

Yes, there is a risk when you ask a Russian woman out – she may reject you and you’ll feel hurt. But the biggest risk of all is not taking a risk – when you don’t ask a Russian lady out, you have zero chance of getting into her pants, let alone marrying her.


Don’t wait until you see indication of interest. In life, you either wait or create. You can sit on your couch and wait for a Russian beauty to meet you (wishful thinking). Or you can proactively join a Russian women dating site where you can literally meet Russian stunners instantly. Likewise, when you meet some Russian ladies, you can either wait until you see indication of interest from one of them, or you can proactively chase the girl you like. Usually, when you wait for indication of interest, you can only get the low-hanging fruit which is oftentimes not the right woman you absolutely, definitely want. Therefore, it’s time to take massive action and ask the hot woman out! Fear of rejection always stops you from taking action. People tend to think failure leads to fear, but the truth is: Fear leads to failure; faith leads to success. Have faith in yourself and you’ll get better at game.



When you meet a Russian bride online, don’t be afraid of talking to her on Skype. A typical mistake made by western men is they often chat with Russian women online via text messages. Perhaps these men worry about what they look like on Skype. As a matter of fact, it’s very important to start a video chat with a woman from Russia on the Internet early. The sooner you talk to her via a video conversation, the faster you’ll figure out whether she is the right bride or not. Don’t waste your time talking to her via text messages for months! Sometimes you may realize that the beauty from Russiayou are talking to isn’t really hot when you see her in a video; sometimes you might find out that the stunner from Russiayou are talking to can’t really speak English clearly when you start a video chat with her – you must find these out early in the interaction. You can always get your money back, but you’ll never get your time back. Remember: a true high-value man values his time more than his money. That’s why many successful men can give away $2500, but they can’t give away 25 minutes – they literally make more than $2500 in 25 minutes as their time is more valuable.



When you talk to a girl from Russia (no matter it’s a video chat online or a date in person), don’t be afraid of asking difficult questions. You are a high-quality guy from a western country, so you actually have more leverage and power in the dynamics because you don’t have to choose this or that lady from Russia online – you have more options! Therefore, you would be well-advised to see the conversation with a woman as an interview: you interview her and decide whether she is the right wife for you or not. Ironically, this is the easiest way to impress a Russian woman. For example, you can ask her these questions: 1) When did your last relationship end? 2) What did you do wrong in your previous relationship? 3) Why do you want to marry a western man? Her answers to these questions will tell you more about her than her dating profile. Of course, when you ask serious questions, you should look relaxed – you seem to be joking so that she can relax and tell you the truth. But in fact, you take her answers very seriously because her answers will determine whether you want to keep talking to her or not.


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